The LPM Thigh Support helps avoid the misery and frustration of it happening by making sure you are prepared, right from the start with the LPM Thigh Support.
Their unique design provides right kind protection for weak or injured thighs and offers effective support for strained muscles and torn hamstrings.
Medically approved and comfortable to wear, LPM Thigh Support are designed to conform naturally to the contours of the thigh. And they won’t slip or ride up.
The LPM Thigh Support is suitable for all sports, athletic activities and everyday use.

Size Chart

Size Measurements
S 14 – 17” (35 – 45cm)
M 17 1/2 – 211/2” (45 – 55cm)
L 21 1/2 – 251/2” (55 – 65cm)